Writer’s Block? Episode 1 – Huh?

The term “writer’s block” I hear is a very nasty concept. For many writers it means they can’t think of anything to write or are stuck with an idea that goes nowhere. But I am here to redefine the term writer’s block.

Writer’s Block according to R. B. Holbrook

Writer’s block (for me) is where I can write everything but what I’m supposed to be writing. I can write or type my butt off because ideas are streaming into my head. Stories and images come to life right before my eyes…

Wait but I’m supposed to be writing something else right? Right.

Sometimes, I get an idea while in the middle of my work or just doing anything. And I jot it down. And I jot down some more. And… some more. Before I know it I have several pages of a story or book that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my current project.

That’s how Oracle’s Legacy came to be. I was two-thirds finished with a fantasy novel when BANG! All of a sudden this book appeared out of nowhere and I published it! What the…?

Yes, honestly I have a lot of unfinished work and a lot of ideas hanging around to be molded. My second book is finished and being edited, but during the creation of it another book just happened to pop up. Don’t know how I wrote it or when, but I did. So I guess I’ll edit that one and see what happens.

Oh, well…

Writer’s block? Ha! Try writer’s unfocused mind, writer’s misguided priorities,  or writer’s crowded brain. Well, I should be thankful. I could have no story at all.



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