Writer’s Block? Episode 2 – Yeah, Right.

Yesterday, I was supposed to be writing. Day before that, I scheduled my self writing time. The day before that…
Yep, none of that happened.

Things kept coming up. People call, text, want, need, and I couldn’t find adequate time to write. But, that isn’t the people‘s fault. No way. I could’ve said no. I could’ve shut the world out and let myself write, but I didn’t. I let life in and my writing out. Even now I should be writing more lucrative items.


I see it as time to breath. If I stayed at my computer too long, I’d forget to live and mingle with the material that will one day grace the pages of my books. My brain may be brilliant, but it needs stimuli too, hee hee. And the world provides me with PLENTY.

So now that the living has calmed to a simmer, back to work! And while I type in my dungeon, Go. Live for me!



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