Ode To Editors

I love to write. LOVE TO WRITE!! But I hate to edit. HATE TO EDIT!!!!!! Why? Because you have to reread, rethink, re-do, and rewrite. And I hate rehashing.

However, I do it.

I always do my initial review and edit. I always review to see if I can point out where I could’ve done better or changed something. Sometimes editing my own work allows me to see what questions weren’t answered:

What connected? What could’ve connected better and how? What’s missing? Was I going in the right direction? Did that make since? Could I’ve used a better word? Was it too wordy? What was I thinking? Where the h*#% did this character come from?

Reviewing is critical, crucial, important but freakin’ time consuming.

For those who can edit their own work successfully without help… I hate you, but applaud you. For those, like myself, without the knowledge, skills, or perception to edit his or her own work, there are the God sent earthly angels called EDITORS. I can honestly say I am not a stickler for grammar and I can get syntax ALL WRONG, but I bow before anyone who can. In fact, if you are reading this you probably found several grammatical errors in this post or one of my other posts.

I ain’t perfect! That’s why there are editors. I swear by them. There is a wonderful editor creature for every and anything you write.

Shall I list them? No way! That’d take to long.

But I promise that if you need a specific editor for a specific project, THEY ARE OUT THERE!! The price I can’t promise won’t be steep but they can do all your editing needs in half the time it may take you. This frees you up to do other things like promote, write, read, LIVE! And for those of you who are submitting your work for the first time to an agent or publisher, don’t you think they would like something professional to look at? Editors can help.

Okay, I’m off my soap box now.