Writer’s Block? Episode 3 – Internet… Bad…

When writing (typing), I should never, NEVER, have my internet browser open. It shouldn’t even be connected. Or you bet your sweet Aunt Sally that I’m going to surf. It might be just one page or several, but I won’t miss a day of internet. I EVEN HAVE IT ON MY PHONE!

Problem is…

If I’m supposed to be writing, that is a distraction I can’t really afford when people are waiting (harassing me) for my next book.

But I love the internet. I love that I can get just about any darn thing with a click of a button. I don’t have to leave the comfort of home. Even groceries can be delivered now! Whoever invented that, bless you! And to make matters worse, they started downloading television shows…

But internet can’t write my books for me. Don’t get me wrong, the internet helps in the process. I get a lot of useful information like the dictionary, thesaurus, wikipedia, research on trends, and writing tips. This all helps me write my book, but I’m the one who has to write it.


When I get too distracted, I have to close out the internet web browser or just turn the connection off. And if I can’t manage to do that, I just turn the computer off and use good old fashion pen/pencil and paper. It might be nostalgic to some, but I like it. It works to keep me focused on what’s important… THE NEXT DRAFT.



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