No Rest For the Restless

I want New York Time #1 Bestseller! When do I want it? Now!

But it isn’t going to happen overnight unless by some miracle, which I highly believe in. Everyone wants their time to shine. Every author and writer wants their stuff read, preferably without criticism, but read none the less. Maybe not in the beginning, but if you pursue writing as a career, you’ll want it. There may be apprehension at first… fear, anxiety, and restless, sleepless nights. But once you take that big leap of faith into the arena known as the publishing world, you want to do well.

But it’s like stepping out onto a freeway during peak hour traffic, eyes pinned opened!!

I have to be completely honest. I’m freakin’ overwhelmed. There is so much that has to be done. You not only write, you have to have appearances, blogs, book signings, speeches, interviews, and book reviews. Mind your manners. Present pictures to the public so they know who you are. Where’s your book? You must always have your book at all times. You need business cards. Where is your business card? You can’t go out dressed like that!

Hell, all I wanted to do was write books!

But the books won’t sell themselves.

The harsh and ever present reality of it all is that these books won’t sell themselves. And I’m a horrible salesman! I probably couldn’t sale my own book to myself. Sad but true. There are publicists out there that can help, if you have the coin. For those with the right connections, I envy you. For me, I’m going to keep pushing and definitely keep writing because that is what I am good at.

And New York Time #1 Bestseller? Wait for me, I haven’t stopped dreaming yet!!

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