The Journey… So far.

Where should I begin?

I woke up one morning, while still in graduate school, and I decided it was time.

Since I was 8, I wrote. First is was poetry. Then short stories and then… everything. I loved writing fiction since the moment I understood the concept. Telling a story that makes the mind go to places only imagined is freakin’ sweet. And those who do it well, I am inspired by you!fountain writing pen

Back on track…

I’ve written all my literate life and yet, I never considered it a career choice. During my undergraduate studies I pondered going into an English major, but I didn’t want to be a teacher or editor and most who graduate in that field go that route. I just wanted to write. So I kept my stories and ideas to my self, writing in my free time.

I graduated undergrad in a technical field, got  a job doing something totally different, and then went to Graduate School. All the while, God had been telling me to follow my heart but I wasn’t listening. I just did what I thought was right, no what I craved.

When the lights came on!!

My younger brother was in undergrad for acting. Acting! Everyone knows that acting isn’t the easiest job to get into. But that is what he wanted. And he has a passion for it like nothing I have seen… until I looked in the mirror. I have that same passion, for my writing. God gave me a real gift and I was wasting it in tattered notebooks and files on my hard drive. So when my knuckle-head brother graduated from college and went to New York next to penniless, to find his niche, I decided I too would find my niche.

He’s up there now, doing what he loves, struggling and scraping, but he’s found his heart. Me? I always had my heart, it has always been with me, but now I am sharing it with the world.

Self Publishing isn’t for the faint of heart!

I love my book. It isn’t perfect. Even after being edited professionally, it has typos. I ADMIT I SUCK AT GRAMMAR (never understood the concept). And sometimes when I get to writing, I don’t look back to see if I typed the word write. I just let it flow. That is why I love what editors do.

But I won’t stop writing for anything and I hope as I continue this journey I will be one of those big name titles that pulls reads into that imaginary world that I often dream of. And YES I do dream…

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