Simple Greeting

It was a simple greeting of “hello, how are you today?”. Nothing bold or flashy. Nothing memorable… to the other person, but to me it was.

I heard his voice, from a height that towered over mine and most people. An intellectual beyond my own capacity of understanding, he said “hello” in a dignified, refined, and charismatic manner. Not “hey” or “hi” but “hello” in every drawn out well pronounced syllable. Simple? Yes. Forgettable? No.

I don’t remember every conversation or every meeting. I don’t recall all the details of every little thing like some people, but I recall the ones that matter to me. This simple conversation, mattered. He not only stood out in his surroundings, he stood out in mannerisms. This is how I like my main characters to stand out. Not just in appearance or in speech but both. He gave me so many ideas for a character, I find myself wanting to build the story around him.

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