I am an Unknown

I guess I haven’t really said much about myself…

I like my privacy. And if I didn’t think blog would help me with my career as an author, I wouldn’t do it. Blogging is great, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t for everyone. As a writer, I plug into the world through others. Their thoughts, dreams, ideas, and views allĀ fascinateĀ me. It allows me to see so many different sides of the world. So many different cultures and creeds make for awesome possibilities when I start writing.

Because I learn so much from listening and observing, I rarely stand out. I mean I could, but I prefer my work to do the standing. I want it to shine and blossom. As for myself? I prefer my dungeon. My small little space in the world where I tune into music and type.

So how the heck do I promote a book if I’m not outgoing?

I hate that question! Because frankly, I don’t do a lot of promoting. Everyone around me helps and encourages me and for that I’m grateful. If it wasn’t for so many helpful people, I would be lost. I am, however, slowly coming out of my shell, little by little.

But in my adventures so far I realized self-publish is tough work.

I don’t regret any of it because I learned some valuable lessons. But what I learned the most is that to do self-publishing you have to have a name for yourself already. For an unknown, like me, it is hard to get publicity and attention. It can be discouraging and yet I find it rewarding as well. Mainly because I got hands on experience about what really goes into publishing a book and how the industry works. And… material for more writing…

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