Education & What Not

Currently, I am taking an online writing course. And I’m having a blast. Even authors must learn more to stay on their toes and let their craft bloom. As I look back on all the classes and formal education I have had in my life, I realize that it was writing classes and english classes that I valued most. Though the art classes were awesome!

Defining Education

Education comes in many forms, but in two main forms: life experience and formal education. In other words, learning from real everyday life, or classroom textbook knowledge. Both are good. But the most important lesson I learned didn’t come from a textbook.

Wasted Time…?

All my years in school, from preschool to master’s degree, taught me math, science, technology, writing, reading, and so on. I learned information that would be lost in the shuffle of my mind and may never surface again. I learned, however, that education can be fun and rewarding if you actually use what is learned in life.

But seldom we actually use all that information.

The Best Lesson I Learned

Wasn’t in text, it was within me. Learning myself I realized what I loved and began pursuing it. Knowing my self allowed me to open my eyes and mind to education and learnings that were tailored specifically to my goals and aspirations.

That is what education should be,

Not the “You have to go to school so you can get a good job” or “You are nothing without a degree”, education should be about learning to pursue what improves you as a person. Education should be stepping stones that lead us to our dreams or a slight push in the right direction. Regardless of what education is for you, if you feel you aren’t learning more about yourself to improve yourself, you might want to change your curriculum or learning format or objective.

As for me? This isn’t my first class, and it won’t be my last. As an author, I plan to take each and every step I can so that I can keep rising.


  1. what really sucks is that the world revolves around money, and in order to make money, you’ve got to have a good job. in order to secure a good job, you’ve got to have a piece of paper that says you graduated with a “useful” degree. unfortunately, i went with something i loved studying, so my degree isn’t “useful”.

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