Writer’s Block? Episode 5 – Reading

I like to read. I read fiction for pure entertainment. And non-fiction to learn. But when I am being told, you have to read a lot of books and read and read if you want to be a good author, I want to scream “WHEN DO I WRITE?”

I have NADD (Novel Attention Deficit Disorder)
No its not a serious condition, but it is a problem I have nonetheless. I’m picky when it comes to books. If a book can’t hold my attention for more than twenty pages (thirty if its really lucky) then I trash that bad boy. Sad to hear coming from an author, BUT WHY LIE! I’m sorry, but to me a bad book is like a bad movie, why sit through the abuse, get up and walk out.

When I read fiction, I want to be entertained. I don’t read to learn about competition, the writing market, or how someone else writes. I want a good story that makes me want to put that book on my shelf and not share.

But with all this reading, when should I write?
I am going to write when the feeling hits me. If the feeling smacks me in the middle of a book, the middle of church, the middle of work, the middle of a thought, I am going to write. Books will always be there and have been since humans could write… on paper. No one can read them all in their lifetime and at the rate publishing companies are spitting them out, there won’t be a shortage of reading material anytime soon… ever.

If I happen to finish two books a month I’m good. I read other stuff in between: magazines, blogs, comics, etc. but I will not consume myself with reading and compromise my writing. Won’t do it. Will not. I REFUSE.

So for all those who say read, read, read, and read some more, I have a question: how often do you write?


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