And Then I Discovered Podcast

Hear ye! Hear ye! Step right up and hear the most amazing thing!

Tell it or hear it, you name it, it’s a podcast or could be. AND I LOVE IT! On the last installment of NEWBIE AUTHOR BLUES I talked about education and how I was taking a writing class. It was great and I enjoyed the heck out of it. BUT, I wanted more and am on a tight budget…

Wait, WAIT, let me rewind.

Monday, a friend of mine told me about a podcast I could download from iTunes. Of course most of these podcasts can be fed as feeds straight from their home websites or other host sites, but this is how I download mine.

Regardless, back on track. Normally, I don’t give podcasts a thought. Never cared for such things because I thought they were all news related. LITTLE DID I KNOW.

I checked out the podcast and was impressed. But it didn’t stop there. I wondered “what else do they have podcasted?”, so I searched….


I, the eager learner, found audio instruction on writing, writing advice, grammar talk, vocabulary stuff, and odd and ends in podcast you wouldn’t believe or you just might if you are into the podcast thing. AND IT WAS FREE!!!! So I downloaded. And I downloaded until I lost my mind. Of course half the stuff I downloaded I may never listen to, but I have it.

Most of the clips are an average length of 15-20 minutes and not to mention free. Therefore you don’t have to take hours out of your day to listen to it. Download it to your MP3 player or iPod or Zune or computer or whatever, plug in and listen. You can listen while you type, while you workout, while you wash dishes, or while you do whatever it is you do while you are listening to stuff… and the downloads are free. I love that word, FREE! FREEEEE!!! 

And just think, if you believe you have something you want to share with the world, you can create a podcast and share it like everyone else. I think I’ll stick with writing for now in my sharing. But in listening, I have a new best friend!

Here are some of the links for those who want writing instruction advice:

The Secrets: The podcast for serious writers!

American Writers: Creative Writing Podcast and Blog

Poynter Online: Writing Tools Podcast

Grammar Girl: Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing

And there are many more waiting for me to pillage!!!!  MUWAHAHAHA


  1. A truly inspirational blog. That comment coming for an aspiring author. I check in every other day to see whether RB Holbrook has added something further.
    May all your books be a huge success.

    Wendy – A fan of your writing!

  2. It’s amazing how few people know what podcasts are and that they’re FREE. I can’t tell my students ENOUGH that there are some podcasts out there that they could learn so much from for FREE. (Did I mention I love that they’re FREE?)

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