Writer’s Block? Episode 6 – Blogging… Twitter!

I’ve found that blogging takes some effort. So much so that I only do it once a week, if you’ve noticed. I like to blog, but never have enough I want to share. I guess I could go into the details of my life for everyone… no I couldn’t.

The Problem With Blogging…

…is that I need to really consider what I want to write to the point it interferes with my other writing. I don’t want to write on just anything, because that’s not what my blog is about. It’s about my adventures as a writer, not what I ate for breakfast. Therefore, thought must be put into it which drains the brain from my creative focus while at the same time can fuel more ideas for blogs. So I take one day of the week to just write blogs and not pick up my manuscript.

Ode to Twitter

I must admit, I love twitter. I LOVE TWITTER!! I can say next to nothing and blog from my phone while I’m around town. If you notice my wordpress calender will only have one blog a week on it, but my twitter has a least three updates a day with mindless tweets. I LOVE IT! I’m not a facebook junkie, or a myspace fan, but twitter is something I can deal with for the simple fact I only have to type 140 characters. I don’t need to think and yet I tweet. And the best part, because it is mindless, I can do it and still have all the energy I need to let my creativity flow. THANK YOU, TWITTER!!!



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