My First Book Signing… That wasn’t mine.

I’ve never been to a book signing before. Never held one, never cared. I’ve said this before, I’m not out going. The books I have read I never wanted to meet the author, I just wanted them to keep writing so I can keep reading. That’s how it is.

But I needed to learn.

I know an author named Evelyn K. Lemar. She is a dynamic lady. Just finished publishing her first fiction novel. I admired her the moment I met her. She’s done book signings and promoted her book in ways I haven’t. Even her book is awesome.

She just had a small book signing with book discussion. Snacks were included. I listened to her talk about her book, and how she allowed others to talk about it. Then… she put me on the spot. Whoa! I WAS NOT PREPARED.

To All New Authors:

Be prepared for anything.

Be prepared to discuss your book. To sell your book. To pass out business cards. To talk about yourself. I was not. I came to learn how to do a books signing. I was there to have my book signed. I was there to get pointers. I was not there to discuss myself and yet I did. I fumbled, I flopped. Thankfully I had my book on hand and my business cards (Thank you Mom). And I am grateful for the opportunity.

I have to now polish my public speaking skills and hope that another chance like that comes so I can say “I’m ready!”.

Next on the Agenda?

My own book signing. How and where is still up in that air, but it has to be done because my SECOND BOOK is ready to roll!!!!


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