Only The Lonely

I’ve been told writing is a lonely profession. I can’t speak for every writer, but I agree.

Must Work Long Hours:

Writing a book requires long hours in front of the computer or notebook, pecking away or thinking of what should go next. I want to be prepared to turn out the next scene or next story before the inspiration runs dry. Sometimes I sit for hours in the dark, in my own mind not doing anything, sometimes not even thinking so that I can start fresh. I perform other tasks and exercises to get my brain working (like reading and drawing) just so I can work out the story as it should be. All of this goes into the long hours I put into my work.

My personal life has a pause button

I have often skipped out on social events with friends and family in order to write. It is mostly a personal choice, but if I were to hang out as often as I was invited somewhere I’d never get the story done. Thoughts and ideas would always rattle in my brain with nowhere to go, bottled up ready to burst. For a writer, the story has to come out.┬áSo yes, I learned and love to enjoy my own company. Why? Because if I didn’t I couldn’t stay by myself and write.

It maybe lonely, but at least I am not alone

There are tons of authors that feel that same way and are willing to be alone to get the work done. But just because we work in a solitary environment doesn’t mean we don’t hang out, don’t party, or even have friends. I appreciate my friends and family with all my heart, because they know, when I’m busy, not to disturb. And they are gracious enough to still invite me places despite knowing I might decline. However, I know when enough alone time is enough.

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