Video Games

I was supposed to be writing, immersed in the world of the Structure, creating life and death struggles with Ollie and Moon. I was supposed to bring to life an ordeal of epic proportion. 

Instead  I was playing Fallout 3 on my XBox 360: Pressing buttons to kill the raiders lurking or discovering all the wonderful goodies that I could find in the digital world I had become swallowed by. I played that whole day without a lick of work to my name and then that night, while I was blowing the brains out of a unsuspecting super mutant, I froze.

Cold chills ran up my neck, and over my skin as an idea hit me. Oh, Sweet Lord In Heaven, Thank You! A flood of creativity grabbed hold of me, chomped down, and would not let go no matter how much I wanted to finish destroying the tattered city.

And so I turned to my computer, shook the mouse, woke the dark screen of my humble laptop. I began to type. I typed until my eyes grew heavy and sleep had me passing out. 

The video game influenced the story, but did not control it. In fact, if you read it without knowing, you wouldn’t even see where I got the story. The idea was new, fresh, and alive with its own purpose. Yeah, I’m crazed.

Who says video games are no good?


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