Imagination. Take 6 – Oooo, Fluffy Clouds

I was driving one morning, looked up into the great big open expanse known at the sky and I saw the most amazing thing.


Yep, them big fluffy cumulonimbus in the sky!! They were white, gray, gold on a blue backdrop. And they were just waiting to open up and pour forth all kinds of rainy goodness. That’s when my mind did backflips and somersaults. I was imagining just what would happen under such a sky. I could see a Native American warrior riding through a open meadow on horse back toward his village or toward battle. I saw flying creatures much like angels but not so heavenly playing peek-a-boo around each puff of vapor.

Life was created, destroyed, and halted right there under that great big open scene before my eyes.

Of course I eventually had to put my eyes back on the road, but my imagination didn’t stop there. It doesn’t take much to imagine a story, and my imagination has already come up with a million, just by looking at those clouds. Well, time to get writing!!

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