Writing the Emotion…

I am not an openly emotional person. If you read my writing you would think so, but I’m not. I don’t always know how to express myself verbally. But when I put a pen in my hand all the things I think, feel, hope, and wish, bleed onto paper.

I’ve been told

…that I’m cold, nonchalant, and carefree. Fine, I’ll take that. The truth is I feel, deeply, but I don’t wave that banner on my sleeve or on my face. I wave it in my writing, weaving it into the lives of my characters to give them life. With writing, the pain of loss can echo through etched words or the joy of accomplishment can resound like a marching band. Writing allows me to say everything just right, without worrying how I sound or if anyone is actually listening to me.


Writing my emotions also has an added value: it allows me to edit myself without wishing I hadn’t said something. That’s right, once you open your mouth and the words slip out, you can’t take them back. But writing allows me to write it, erase it, rewrite, strikethrough, and revise until it is a perfect prose of emotions waiting to be read. I LOVE IT!!!

Inside, Meet Outside

If you ever meet me don’t think I’m just the person you see on the outside. There is more. Soooo much more. Yes, the best of me is written inside that character who expresses his or her own wishes. And the best is yet to come.

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