Fear who? Me?

As a new author who runs into all kinds of challenges I found one recently that blew me away.

FEAR! And it wasn’t even mine!!

A friend of mine who writes horror screenplays as a hobby, was telling me about the new screenplay she wrote. It was for a short film and she was looking to get some people together to produce it. I’ve always wanted to read some of her work, but she never brought any to me. Then I found out that other people had read it and enjoyed it, so I asked to read it, too. She said “NO!”

Huh? Why?

Her reason: “You’re professional. You might be too critical of my work.” I was dumbfounded. I just wanted to read it! I’m the last person in the world who wants to judge anyone. Especially since I need to work on my own writing. No one is ever a perfect writer. NO ONE!!

I took a poll…

…of people I know who write, asking them would they want me to read their work. Most of the ones who took their writing serious and plan to publish said, “Definitely, I want a professional opinion.”

Others who only saw it as a hobby, were intimidated by me. ME! That’s when I realized how much people fear:


I admit I’ve been afraid of criticism and sometimes still am. But fear does nothing but hold you back. Fear keeps you from reaching for the things you want the most. And even when you’ve got what you reached for, fear can make you do stupid things to keep it. Whether we like it or not, criticism is coming, its going to happen, hold your breath, and get through it.

To authors and writers

To be a good writer, take criticism as a learning experience. Learn from it, work with it, and get ready for the next round or you will never grow. So whether it is a sci-fi trilogy or a screenplay, take your fears and bury them… it will only leave you behind.

And remember…

Don’t fear me. Learn from me. That’s all I’ll ask. And I’ll only criticize if you want me to.


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