The Truth Can Be Long Winded

The truth can be long winded…

I was reading over a few blogs when I noticed something among the different types of articles. The good articles were usually short and to the point. The ratherhuman skull with old book boring articles were peppered with facts, figures, links, examples, and other information that’s good if I’m looking for more behind the story and references. But it makes for a loooooooooooong article. And it often loses me or makes me skim over the fat.

That’s why I like fiction!

Though the truth is necessary and often taken for granted, give me a good ol’ story any day. Colorful commentary, comedic relief, and a bit of a stretch only hurts news articles, but not fiction. With fiction a writer can add twists, turns, brights, and darks without loosing the audience (if done right). It can be short and sweet or long and dramatic, and still hold the reader.

Facts are…. Facts.

I’m not downing non-fiction. Some people prefer it over fiction. In my eyes, non-fiction is good stuff… in moderation. I mean I often hear some fact that makes me go “Ahhhhh”. Then what? Unless I need that fact for something like a research paper, it shoots right pass my brain without pause.

Reflecting on all the lectures I had to take in college, I realize, I don’t remember a tenth of that junk.

But a good story lingers.

Even if the story is true or based on truth, if it’s told right, delivering the plot with perfect pitch, then I won’t forget it. And the shorter it is, the better. No seriously! Research shows it…

Yep, here’s a fact for you: the average human mind only retains 5% of lectures and 10% of reading.


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