No Sight for Sore Eyes

Everyone told me the pros and cons about writing, but they miss one very important con.


That’s right. If you use your computer to do most of your writing, 9.9 times out of 10 you’ve got poor eyesight or you will get poor eyesight. Now pause for a moment and think of all the authors you’ve seen or know. And now ask your self “How many wear glasses?” And for the ones who don’t wear glasses ask yourself, “Do they wear contacts?”

Getting Worse

Since gradschool I’ve written papers, and all manner of books and stories on my favorite modern tech: the computer. And that little screen that shows me everything going on in the world is not always my friend.

My eyesight for the past eight years has changed twice. Not good. And my doc tells me that I need to take breaks every twenty minutes when I’m writing, which might not happen if I’m in the zone (writing fiercely while the idea is HOT!). I have computer glasses I use to balance it out, but the only way to keep me from staring at the screen of my computer it to go…


I mean good old fashion pen and paper. Or pencil if you prefer. I do more writing on my notebooks than I have in the past several years and though I still have to transfer it to my computer, it saves my eyes. And my headaches are getting better… but that’s a story for another day.

So for those computer junkies, my advice to you: IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR EYES, LIMIT THE COMPUTER USE!!


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