Book Three!!

The Third Book

I never knew writing a trilogy would be so taxing. I’ve been writing other things here and there, and I realize, a trilogy is WORK. Making sure the story is uniform and accurate through three whole books takes a lot of notes and editing…re-editing…headaches…

But I have reached book three

I’ve started writing book three over a month now. AND IT IS BY FAR THE EASIEST. The foundation for this last book is built in to the first two books, and this last book is like the final coat of paint. It is the awesome gloss that’s going to give this sucker its dazzling finish. The only problem is…

I can’t write enough!!!

I THOUGHT I would be finished by now. I THOUGHT I could get it done and move on. I mean the first two took me over two years, but this one… THIS ONE SHOULD BE FINISHED. Why? Because I’ve got the story, I’ve got the climax. I got everything I need to write the story and it just needs to be written.

But Life Happens…

Ugh! I despise that. No matter what I plan to do, I always get interrupted. I plan to write 9 hours, I can only get 1 in. I plan to stay home all weekend and write a few chapters. I am called away for… SOMETHING. It’s nauseating.

Then there is the bitter/sweet

I must admit though, I’m kind of sad: it is the final book. It is the last one in this story. It is THE END. And thought I plan to keep writing other books and shaping more stories, I have no plans to pick this one back up… though I could… hmmmm

Regardless, I plan to finish it and be proud of my deeds. Okay! Without babbling further… I will introduce, the third book (drum roll please… Trumpets!!!)

The third and final book of the Oracle’s Legacy Trilogy is:

Oracle’s Legacy: Dawn of Illumination

Oooo, hoooo, I’m so excited!!



  1. Congratulations! Love the title ‘Dawn of Illumination’. It has a lovely ring to it.

    Yes, I can imagine nearing the end of your long journey is bitter/sweet. Yet, to pen my favorite words ‘The End’ will give you much to be proud and happy about. You are an inspiration. All the very best.

    Get practicing your signature!


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