Highs and Lows

Lately, I’ve been walking on sunshine, and taking snap shots of that silver lining. Life is good! WHY? Well, my second book is due to come out next month. I’m working on my third. And my website, and book signings, and…

Well, I won’t go on and on about all the GREAT stuff happening in my life right now. It’d take awhile. So I’ll sum it all up with, LIFE’s GOOD!partial eclipse

Forecast for today: Sunny without a cloud in the sky, but there is a chance of rain

No matter how good life gets, nothing lasts forever. I have learned what comes up really does come down. John Mayer’s song “Gravity” comes to mind.

Consider this, if there were no bad days, there would be no need for good days. Even though it seems harsh, the truth is, without bad days, we would never recognize, nor fully appreciate the good days. So I want to enjoy this moment, and all that it brings while I can.

Regardless, I must stay focused

Even during the ups, when I want to run down the streets screaming my joy, I must remember not to get carried away (or get hit by a truck). And those times when the world seems to be against me and I just want to hide in my cave, I must remember my dreams.

With that said, time to go back to my Happy Fest!!



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