Character Analysis: The Oracle

The characters in my book are mostly fiction, but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t inspired by actual people. As I write they bring with them life and take on form that drives the story.

I love my characters, even my villains, though that’s a different kind of love (I’d love to hate them). And sometimes it’s hard to part with them when I go on to another story.

But it has come to my attention that there are those who love my characters, too. So to quench the thirst of those who have questions about the characters in my book, I’m going to try something new. Every now and then I’ll provide background information about my character that’s not in the story, a profile into their life, and why I find them so fascinating. And of course the very first character I’m going to explore is…

The Oracle:

Most if not all people know that the word “oracle” is not an original word (Greek Mythology). But that’s the very reason I used it. I wanted something easy to pronounce and identify for the leader of the Structure. I wanted a word readers didn’t have to think too much about. This is science fiction after all, and there is plenty to think about in my books.

I based the Oracle losely off all the elders I know and grew up with. Their wisdom and their strength helped to create Bethea Smoking Shaman. She is quiet, strong, wise, crafty, and powerful. But what I like most about her is her ability to watch the world and just smoke as if none of the actions going on in it matter.

Bio: Born in the mid 1700 in what is now North America, Smoking Shaman was raised to be the medicine woman of her Choctaw tribe. Though colonization and war divided her people, she and her people remained in the ideals of the Structure: not to interfer with the progress of the world.

At the age of 16 she met a young man named Jamali, who was a runaway slave and a powerful House Sun telekinetic. They marriaged.

Fifty years passed, when the Oracle of that time began to weaken. Smoking Shaman was then appointed by the leader of the Order of the Oracle to become the 18th Oracle.

As time passed, she took the name Bethea to change with the times.

She had her first child, a son, at the age of two hundred and ten. His name – Antonio Mason.

To protect her child and the children she foresaw in the future, she took a less active role in the Structure, and became known as the most inactive Oracle in Structure history.

She raised and helped to raise all of her husband’s children.

Powers: Her basic powers were telepathy. Once she became the Oracle her powers grew exponentially.

Enlightenment: When Bethea became the Oracle she was a Level Two. Though most Oracles were at least a Level Three before they stopped seeking enlightenment, she was the only one who refused to enlighten further. This limited the energy used to preserve her age.

Her Role: To mostly guide the Structure into a positive direction. Because she is a guide, she does not force or impose her ideals, wishes, or beliefs. She is more of an advisor than a leader.


I could go on all day about this subject alone. But this is just the glimmer of who the Oracle is. If you want to learn more about her and the world she guides read the

Oracle’s Legacy Trilogy

Book 1 Children of Sun (On Sale!) read the first four chapters with glossary terms here on Scribeyond
Book 2 Shadows of Fate (Coming October 2009)
Book 3 Dawn of Illumination (Due out 2010)


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