Book Review! G. A. Bixler

Imaginative genius? I already call myself a genius (self-proclaimed of course) BUT when someone actually acknowledges it!? Well, what do you think my ego did? Sky rockets are the only clue you get. This is something I should have never read. My head swelled 10 times its normal size. But I have to keep in mind “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”. That kind of complement is a lot to live up to. So much pressure!!

My hope? That I can surpass expectations. Hey, I’m still a beginner.

Regardless, read them for yourself.

Yes another review! They keep coming… AND I AIN’T STOPPING ‘EM.

This one is from G. A. Bixler, professional independent reviewer.

WARNING: She does talk about the storyline for BOTH books, so read at your own discretion.




  1. Doesn’t look like you’ll be falling anytime soon!

    Relish in the praise and pat yourself on the back – if you’re able 🙂


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