Book Review! The Bluestocking Guide

Remember when I said my head had swelled from a recent book review? Well the swelling as gone down, as I float back down to earth.

No, it wasn’t a bad review. But it was eye opening. I am reminded that, not every story is for everyone. Taste vary, and change from person to person. I myself, won’t read everything, so it is understandable. I accept that there are readers who won’t get into, understand, or even like my story.

With that said:


Oh! And just in case you are wondering what the “Q” rating stands for, it means that the book wasn’t what the reviewer Quite expected.



  1. That post brought the reality of success crashing down with a rather loud thump. It appears ‘writing’ the book is the easiest part (obviously I don’t mean that literally) and then the hard work really begins in earnest. Queries/agents/publishers….. And then… you have to get out there and sell it!

    I can only imagine the highs and lows you must be going through. Take the good with the bad and all that, but even so. Hard hard work.

    Hope you find time to write. After all, that’s what you were born to do. Not sell 🙂

  2. Wendy,

    How exactly did my review bring success crashing down? If I didn’t like the book, I wouldn’t have said that I needed to re-read it. Very few of the books I’m asked to review get a re-read. This book, I feel, deserves one.

    The Q rating is based upon genre expectation. It was given this rating because this book is not the run of the mill science fiction. It had a great deal more depth to it. In case you were wondering what the ratings stand for read this post. The Ratings and what they mean

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