Busy is bad!

I am learning another important factor in my writing experience.

Busy is bad for book sells

For the last few months between trying to get the my second book ready and the third one written, throw life and all its unexpected joy in the mix, all the crap I’ve to got ready for in the future and… I’m pooped thinking about it.

LUCKY for me, I have limited time to even work on my third book, let alone market the first two. Yep, that was sarcasm.

Because of ALL the time I have, my book sales – though never big – are not going up. I admire authors who find time and energy to do book signings. I admire those who can social media their butts off. But I’d just be happy to have time to actually get a few pages written here or there.


While there are those who have time, and there are those who make time – being busy means I have things to do. I will never be bored and I will never sit on my hand. And while I might not have found my marketing niche, I’m not really worried about that. The books will be sold, one by one if need be.

My Real Worry?

Getting these stories out of my head! They are crowding out my thoughts, dancing to the playlists always streaming in my mind. It seems like I never have enough time to write. I have more trilogies and more books waiting for me to jot down, but not the time, barely the energy (I pull a lot of all-nighters). Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and so much more are waiting for me to get started. If you could see the ideas I already outlined, you would think the culmination of ideas alone could be a book.

Crap! Life’s piling up on me! Back to work!


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