Love and Writing…

I’m not a romantic person. Anyone who meets me knows that love is the farthest thing from my mind because of all the stories brewing up there. But if I was to say I was in love it would be like this…


I really do. I don’t talk openly about it, because if I did, I’d get carried away. And probably run off the masses. But I love it. I LOVE IT!

I do. It’s my imagination’s fault! Too overactive for its own good!

Just the thought of a pencil scribbling on dry paper, or a smooth writing pen flowing words in rhyme gets me excited. Giddy, I tell you! Like a freakin’ teenager! Stories play in my head like movies and sometimes rewind themselves so they can play again. Ideas pop up like unannounced love letters from an annonomous sender.

Oh, yeah, its bad!

You want romance from me? Me?

I can write it! Oh, I can spin a wonton romance that can sweep you off your feet and plant a kiss right on those lushous lips. Or… I can make it sweet and innocent, with shy glances or a feathered touch.

Holy Cow, I’m revving up just to write more!

Learning to write is as exciting to me as writing. I want to learn everything about writing… creative writing. Think of me as a dry sponge begging for the liquid of knowledge, MUWAHAHAHA!

How bad is it?

At first, I wrote quietly, not sharing it because I was afraid no one would like it. I was afraid to be criticized. Slowly, I learned to appreciate criticism, because no matter what, I wasn’t going to give up writing.

I decided I would get better.

Before, I only enjoyed my own stories. Now I enjoy other people enjoying my stories. I love their reactions and their feedback – what they would have done differently, how they interpret the story, their views, and questions. I especially love how someone reads my stories and sees it totally different from my own point of view. Gives me a new perspective.

Now sometimes I just want to give my stories away for free. Forget publishing and just hand it out or post it, no charge. But then my practical side kicks me and gives me that stern, “Have you lost your mind?” look.

To know me, is to know writing.

Okay, there are somethings I love more. God. My family… sometimes. Yep, that’s about it. But like a bookworm loves to read, this here writer LOVES TO WRITE.


BTW – I think I might do a short story now & then for free right here. So don’t be surprised!


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