Character Analysis: Ollie


And to celebrate, I’m giving away another character profile.


Okay! For the majority of you, this character is THE only character that matters in the Oracle’s Legacy: Olivia Mason, also known as


Where do I begin with Ollie? She is a powerhouse: loud-mouth, foul-mouthed, bad as she wants to be, butt kicking, gun toting, family loving, killer.

Why did I make this character? Because she’s everything that’s wrong and yet right with the world. She’s blunt, honest, caring, giving, evil, conniving, deliberate, unpredictable, and still thought provoking. She’s beautiful, yet fearsome and frightening.

There is so much I can say about Ollie, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. So here is a short…

BIO: Ollie was born five minutes after her twin Ellis in France, 1980. At the age of five, she was taken in by Bethea Smoking Shaman to be raised with several of her other half-siblings.

Because of her wild nature, she was trained by her eldest brother, Geo, so that she would learn self-discipline. While training she learn the tricks of the Structure’s underground (the Structure’s business world that goes on out of the eyes of the general public). She became so accomplished at her job, at the age of 28, she was the highest paid free lance agent for the Structure, doing odd jobs for the extremely wealthy.

You want more? Trust me there’s more. I’ll just say, she’s the one who makes the Oracle’s Legacy worth reading. To find out all about her check her out in the

Oracle’s Legacy Trilogy

Book 1 Children of Sun
Book 2 Shadows of Fate

Book 3 Dawn of Illumination (Coming 2010!)



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