What Inspires You?

What inspires you?

Don’t answer this question lightly. Don’t shoot out the first thing that comes to mind. Because that could very well be the wrong answer. Think about it. Seriously.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.

As I grow as a writer, I find that many things inspire me. Sometimes just waking up in the morning can be an inspiration, or stumping my toe (inspiring and painful). Getting in a fight with my dad, rolling my eyes at my best friend, laughing, eating, reading… and so on can all count as inspiration. If you open your heart and mind to the wonders of the world around you, you’ll never be without inspiration for ideas.

Are you influenced or an influence?

To be inspired, means you are influenced. To be influenced, you must add to your ideals, consider others, and wonder… Just wondering can be enough. And then from there the ideas flow.

But one can not be in this world without being influenced or being an influence.

Think: your parents who raised you, or that person that pissed you off all had some small or large influence in your life. And whether you like it or not, someone has noticed you at one point and you have influenced him, her, or them in some way or another whether they know it or not. Makes you wonder what kind of impact you had on them doesn’t it?

With that in mind…

Are you ready to answer the question? Not so simple is it?

Where Does My Inspiration Come From?

God! Of course. It is the simplest answer I have without going on all day. Yep, full-blown Christian here, but not the preaching kind.

Now go! Be Inspired!



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