Holiday Season!! Maddening!

If you are looking to drive yourself insane, look no further, TIS THE SEASON!!!


Why does it always seem like this season rushes and hurries and busies like no other? I’m not even worried about presents and still I don’t seem to have time for jack. I can’t get time to write, which is pissing me off. I can’t seem to find time for other book related activities like I want. And though I LOVE Christmas, I also resent its timing. There is so much to do and very little time in which to do it.


Oh, it gets worse! There are details of my life I won’t share, but recently, I have not been THE SOLE PRIORITY OF MY TIME. Other people are coming first, and while usually I cast others aside if I am determined to write, I feel obligated to share this time of year with the ones who matter to me. So that being said, my imagination is running amuck with no pen or paper to keep it in check. Yes sir, there ARE visions of sugar plums that dance in my head. Email and phone calls are being returned at a snails pace, if at all (forgive me). And my life is…


What does it really matter? I’m going to enjoy this season and all its festivities and do my writing when I can. But come the new year, I’m going to be a writing fool!!



  1. I agree, Christmas is MAD! Even though it comes around far too quickly for my liking it is quite a nice time of year. People smile more (except at the check-out), decorations twinkle from windows, pleasant Xmas carols waft out of dingy side streets (normally shunned by shoppers in fear of being mugged), and you catch up with those you love.

    2010 is just around the corner. I’d give up trying to write for now honey. You’ll only give yourself a hernia!

    PS. Still trying to find you books in NZ. Anyone would think I live on the moon!

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