2009 -> 2010


… is coming to a close. This is one year that is worth remembering. It is the year the first African American President was sworn into the U.S. Government (Yay, Obama!). This was also the year the great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was laid to rest. It was the year Tiger Woods… (somethings are worth forgetting). And most important of all, MY SECOND BOOK WAS RELEASED!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!

There are many lessons to be learned from 2009. Many memories I may share in the future.

But I can’t focus on the future while dwelling on the past. That is why I look forward to…


I don’t do resolutions, but I am resolute to have my third book released this year. I plan to take a break from some of the stresses in my life. And I am considering reorganizing my life… “considering” being the main idea. Mostly, this years brings with it newness, a fresh beginning.

Come 2010! I eagerly await to see what you bring.



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