Storytelling: The Next Big Thing

After I finish the Oracle’s Legacy project, I want to do something else.

I have a million ideas and I’m not sure which one to start with.


It was a space odyessy, or something. Yeah, I’ve written about space in my notebooks and stuff, but never thought myself knowledgable about the subject to want to tackle a space sci-fi.


So I’m going to do some research as I write. Me and the discovery channel are going to be great pals. I’M ACTUALLY GOING TO WATCH TV. Science television and internet are going to be a wealth of info for my story.


Can’t say. Not until at least half of it is finished. Why? Because I have a habit of writing a story and changing the premise of the story in the dead middle of writing it. First, I see a simple story with a small cast of characters. Then I see where the plot could change and became more vivid and engaging. And then…


I have so many ideas that I won’t be just writing one book at a time. I have too much in my head screaming to get out. So don’t be surprised if I release more than one book at a time.

After this trilogy, everything else seems pretty easy to write. But then again, I HATE easy. 🙂


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