Sacrifices Must Be Made

One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.
-Sidney Howard-

I am going crazy trying to finish my third book. I hit snag after snag and I just want to finish. So I’m going to pay a little less attention to certain aspects of my life until I can get it done.

This blog being one of those aspects.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan to still do a little here so I’m not totally invisible, but I won’t be here as often for the next month or two.

Until the next post, keep working toward your dream!


1 Comment

  1. Oh, no! Please don’t disappear for too long. We’ll all miss you….

    I commend you for your discipline. Work must come first. I’m also contemplating blogging less too. Not that I’m a prolific blogger like some, however, sacrifices must be made.

    Take care and all the best with book three 🙂

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