Why Sci-fi & Fantasy?

It has been awhile since my last post. Been writing the third book to my trilogy. A lot of good stuff has escaped my head. And a lot of not so good…

New ideas for my next books have been churning! It will be… awww I won’t say just yet, but know I already have the outline and characters written and standing by to take their stage. And of course it will be within the Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal genre.

Why Sci-fi/Fantasy?

Talking to a friend of mine the other day and I realized, I’m a sci-fi geek. Though I figured I wasn’t since I’ve never been to a comic book convention or a science fiction convention – mostly because I’m not a fan of crowds. But that doesn’t make me any less a geek. No I don’t collect the paraphernalia, posters, or wear the costumes (thought I might wear a t-shirt now and then). I will say this, if they ever make a real light saber, I’m getting it… and that motorcycle from Batman The Dark Knight Movie. Oh, and I want my own Mech (you know the mobile suits in some Japanese Mangas). And no I don’t want the toys, I WANT THE REAL THING.

I can’t get enough of Sci-fi or Fantasy

Me wants more good television shows (Fringe, I love thee). Likes my movies…some I know word for word. HECK, I’ve seen Avatar the movie 3 times before it even left the theater!! Count ’em 1,2,3!!! I just finished watching last years Star Trek movie for the millionth time. The books I read have to have at least something paranormal for me to be interested… a psychic freak… an oozy alien… wicked fairy… or dragon lord… SOMETHING!!

I guess I really am a product of my environment.

I grew up on it (both my parents are Trekkies). And the nickname my father gave me comes from an old Buck Rogers tv show. No I’m not sharing. Its no wonder everything I write has to have something out of this world… or just extraordinary.

Naturally I just gravitated to it. Now all of my stories, that I’ve written and will write, have something sci-fi/fantasy related. Don’t get me wrong, I can write a story without such an… exotic theme. But if I wrote without it, I would feel like something is missing. Something vital.

So that is why my genre of choice is… well you get the idea by now. OKAY, back to work!



  1. Delighted to hear you don’t wander around wearing strange costumes!

    I’m with you on Avatar. I’ve seen it only twice so far, but I dearly want to see it again and again and again. Wow! What a movie.

    All the best with book three. Not that you need it 🙂

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