Come On Already!!

I’ve been out for most of the last two months, writing my third book. I want to say it has been easy breezy and I’m all finished, but I’d be lying. I figured, writing the third one should be cake since the ground work for the third is jam-packed into the first two.

Not So Fast!!

Writing the third is challenging. I’ve had to check and doubled check my work to make sure I don’t go beyond the boundaries I have set for myself. That means making sure all of my books are uniform. The ideas I had for the first book must be conveyed through all three.

I Never Claimed Writer’s Block…

…but I am stuck in many places. Here I have a book, written for the most part, but the order and the flow seem to be rushed. Details are missing, ideas have skipped the point, and my characters are screaming at me saying I bulldozed the plot. So now I have to go back and do my most HATED thing to do: PROOFREAD.

I hate, HAte, HATE to proofread.

But if I plan to be a great writer, I plan to get used to it. Bare with me as I continue on my writing journey. Don’t worry, my break is over, though my writing is not. IT HAS JUST BEGUN.



  1. I feel for you. I’m still stuck on the first of five novels in a series. I simply cannot get number one to ‘stand alone’.

    I wish you well. I also wish we could chat. Would love to know how you’ve managed to ‘almost’ write three book in a row.

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