The Other Morning Person

Dawn: When men of reason go to bed.
-Ambrose Bierce-

Normally, I say I’m a night owl or vampire. But now that I think about it…

I’m a morning person. No, not the perky, waking up at 5 am in the morning to annoy the world type of morning person (no offense early risers). I’m the other type who works all night into the early morning while the ideas are freshly brewing in my brain, morning person.

I sleep… kinda

See, my mind doesn’t quite shut down like it should. Even in my sleep, I find myself thinking, ideas churning. Only when I’m beyond exhausted, bordering on comatose, does my mind go blank and reset.

Tonight’s adventure?

The skyscraper my character was just in exploded. She barely got out with her life! But that not the best part. The good stuff happens in the short story I just finished revising and the main character finished watching a village get pulverized.

See, this is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night… or morning.

So while others are sleeping, restfully preparing for the new day, I embrace it with eyes wide open, glued to my computer. Good morning, all!



  1. I used to stay up much like your, good self. However, I have now decided to get up very early *shudder* simply because I wasn’t productive. In fact, I spent too many hours staring at my candles rather than my ms. I also thought a change of routine would be good for my mental health! Hearing the early morning bird song as the sun climbs over the horizon at least makes me feel somewhat alive….

    Oh well, better get on with my ‘never ending’ story before I’m old and gray!

    All the best with book three 🙂

  2. Morning birds and other noises irritate me early in the morning. Its usually noon before I wake up mentally.

    And yes, finish your book so I may read!!!

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