Brilliance In The Making

I think everyone wants to be a genius as something. Some want to be genius musicians, artists, mathematicians, teachers, scholars, actors, writers (ME!), and/or whatever you want to be accomplished in.

I want brilliance!

Sometimes I take writing classes to learn more about the craft. I own a million books about the subject. And read other authors’ books to learn from them as well. Because although I’m a genius (self-proclaimed), I can always stand for improvement.

What makes you excellent?

Some say they’re born gifted. I don’t doubt it… all the time. Some say its hard work. It can also be the amount of determination. And for some it could be just pure dumb luck – by the way if anyone has luck, please loan me some.

Regardless of what makes a person brilliant, I am striving for that. Now I might miss the mark now and then, but soon, I will be the epitome of all the genius I can be. HeeHee!!


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