Working My (insert 3-letter word here) Off!

Working on book 3. Should be done. I ain’t.

Here’s the scoop.

Writing is easy. You just put pen to paper or hand to keyboard and write whatever. Writing papers or short stories are a little more difficult – you have a theme, you stick with that theme through a couple of pages, then you wrap it up. Writing books is a challenge. You have characters, settings, and a storyline that you have to stay true through for several pages up to 75,000 words or more.

A trilogy is just plan WHOA! You have to think about the same characters through all three book and hope you don’t exhaust yourself before the end of the last book. Make it interesting, present new scenes but not too over the top that it gets away from the story. You have to make all three books believable but not boring. Oh, and did I mention, you have to make sure the ideas you present in the first book carries out through to the last book?

Yes. WHOA!

I find myself going back to my notes repeatedly for my books to make sure I don’t do something stupid in my last book that will make my readers scream, “WAIT! WHAT?” in a bad way. Can you imagine reading a series of books and in one book a character has brown eyes, but comes right back in the next book with green eyes? And the character ain’t wearing contacts?

I’m trying hard to avoid stuff like that.

Therefore, I’m in the process of editing. Oh, yes, the book it written. But now I’m revising, editing, and crying – yeah, this is the not so fun part. Bare with my brilliant self as I continue typing my fingers numb, making my books the best I can.



  1. Nice to see you blogging again.

    I’m in the thick of it writing my query letter! And I thought the novel was hard!

    All the best. Will see your books on my shelf yet 🙂

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