Persistence Equals Greatness

“Stop dreaming.”
“You will never reach the stars.”
“Some goals are just too hard…”


You can let people tell you want to do. Let their words soak into your ear and swirl in your head. You can give up. It’s easy.

Or you can fight for what you believe and work toward greatness…


*The following scene is based on actual events*


“What are you crying about?” Lily asked her mother, coming into the kitchen.

“Just… shut up!” Her mother squawked, wiping her eyes.

Lily laughed stooping down in front of the big baby, “What did the therapist tell you?”

“I know, I know,” The woman groaned. “Hand me the elastic… that… thingy…” She waved over at the pink elastic exercise band setting on the counter.

Lily reached up and pulled it down. She helped her mother slip her legs into the large loop of rubber. “He said you were doing well. Just don’t over do it.”

“I said I know!”

“And he said it would take at least of a year for a full recovery-“

Her mother thumped her on the forehead.

Lily rubbed the twinge.

I got it.


“Sometimes I just need to vent my frustration. Can I do that?”

“Sure.” Lily nodded.

Her mother began to move her legs against the resistance, strengthening her muscles. Four month ago, she could barely stand without assistance. A month later she was walking with a walker, with the help of PT. It pissed her off that she couldn’t do all the things she wanted to. But she was doing good, and she hadn’t given up.

Some patients quit after having one knees replaced. Some refused to finish the rehab because they felt it was too hard. If the patient quit, the scar tissue set and ruin their bend permanently, making it hard to walk.

But this hardheaded woman, who had both knees replaced, refused to quit. Mostly because she wouldn’t allow it. She taught them persistence and would always tell Lily and her brother, “You can cry and scream, but you can never ever give up.” Her surgeon said she was making excellent progress. And Lily had to agree.

After her mother finished, she slipped the band off by herself. She leaned forward in the chair for a moment to collect herself.

Lily stepped back.

Her mother gripped the seat of the chair and push herself up to stand. She took four steps forward placing the pink band back on the counter, then she said, “For being so mean, you’re taking me walking later.”

“Yes ma’am.”




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