The Itch

I’m in no hurry to write. Right? No hurry at all. But suddenly this itch hits me.

You know, the kind that gets you right in the middle of the back and the only way you can reach it is if you have some long-handled object (hopefully a back scratcher, but the thing is so bad anything will do). And if you don’t have anything that will reach it, it bugs you and make’s you hair stand on end.

Yeah. I got that itch.

It attacked. It’s been weeks since I sat down and actually took hours of time to just write. I was content in my idle time. All of a sudden, it was like something bit me. My fingers wanted to type. My mind was streaming with ideas. I feel like a freakin’ junkie. The itch has to be scratched!

So am I back at it?

No, not quite. I write more to stave off the power of the itch, but I won’t overdo it, for now. I have other stuff that needs my attention. BUT NEVER FEAR, THE ITCH WILL BE SCRATCHED!


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