It ALWAYS Kills Me!

Sometimes I can be writing and a great idea pops into my head. So I jot it down quick, making notes, then I go back to what I was doing. It could be story ideas or thoughts for a scene I plan to write late… or something genius. But when the idea hits, its best to get it while it’s fresh.

Today I had this beyond awesome idea. Thing is, I don’t remember it. I mean no matter how hard I try to recapture that moment, its gone.


I wasn’t prepared. I usually carry my phone which I take notes in. Didn’t have that. No pen. No paper. No nothing. In the middle of a store with nothing to write with. All I had were my prayers that I’d make it out the store to my car and write it down before I forget….


Long story short: To skip out on a lot of heartache and pain, always be prepared.

I’m going to go die now.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”

-Zig Ziglar-



  1. I never write an idea down when I first get it. I find the good ideas will stick around and grow anyway, and give me time to put them on paper. The rest just wither and die because they don’t have strength.

    If it really was good, it will come back to you.

    1. I hope so. But you’re right, only the strong ones make the cut. I have a habit of writing a lot down and tossing the few I haven’t already lost away.

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