Okay, you would think someone with an MBA and who had to write a gazillion papers in grad-school would know to do their research before and during the writing process. Right?

Been quiet about this…

I finished my edits. But during the editing my editor red flagged me on a particular subject I put into my book. Too embarrassed to comment or even address it, I just made the correction and moved on.

I assumed on something that I should have double checked. And the real embarrassment would have struck me if that sucker went to print with that nasty error. If you plan to write a book about an existing place, make sure you know what you’re writing!

The point I’m trying to make?

If the place is real, if the person is real, if the event you plan to write about is real, NEVER ASSUME. Even if you have to do footwork. The internet knows everything (and it’s always watching) so if you can’t find it there it doesn’t exist (joking).

And remember, always double-check your sources.



  1. I can’t beleive that YOU made that kind of error. We live and learn. LOL. Look whose talking, you’ve got 3 books to the one i’m still trying to write.

    1. It was/is really embarassing! But you’re right I’ve learned!

      And you’ll get that book finished, because you can’t leave me hanging!

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