The Mind’s Menacing Meander: Music Sets the Scene

I’m currently plugged into Lifehouse’s “It is what it is”. The music is so loud it’s probably damaging my hearing. Many people watch music videos, but I refuse for many reasons, one being that it interrupts the imagination process. Often, music helps me forge the worlds I create in my head. This song playing… I see a lone man walking down a crowded street in deep thought – love, life, work, family – it all plays in his head over and over as he tries to find direction in his life while he is on his way to meet… who?

The song switches to a less thought-provoking melody, to a beat thumping fist pumping rap song, Eminem’s “Cinderella Man”. What do you think happened to my mystery man? Someone attacks him? The city comes under attack? He spies someone dangerous from his past? I’m feeling tension…

Sometimes the music changes faster than I can jot the ideas down. And sometimes I’m so into the idea, the music becomes nothing but background static.

That’s my rambling for today, boys and girls!


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