Children of Sun – Excerpt 1

In light of my third book soon to be released, I’m going to do things a bit differently. When the interest is sparked, grab a copy and read for yourself.

warning: the following contains strong language.

Excerpt from book one of Oracle’s Legacy

Once at the airport and checked in, Ollie sat at the boarding gate next to her bookworm brother, waiting to board the plane. She checked her watch to see how long it was before the plane’s departure. Twenty minutes. Good. She had plenty of time to roam the terminal and maybe grab some candy from the candy bar.

She patted Ellis’s shoulder to let him know that she would be back, then she began her stroll past slumbering business suits and restless kids. Avoiding the passing entourage of wheeled luggage, she walked into the main breezeway. She gave a grin to the college guys in the coffee shop ogling her. Their sweaters said Yale, but they didn’t look that intelligent. Passing the newsstand, she saw a man with a symbol on his forearm. The symbol was made up of dark, almost black lines that formed abstract blades. He was Blade. He looked up from his newspaper, probably feeling her eyes on him. Another man whose back was turned looked over his shoulder at the Blade, who spoke to him. Having grown up around bookworms, the two Blades were too observant to actually be reading. Hmmm. She just nodded, acknowledging the first one, who nodded back.

When she turned her head, she stopped short; a tall man in a business suit with a laptop bag in one hand, staring down at a paper in the other, was about to run slam into her. He stopped and looked up at her. His eyes were deep blue and looked sunken under his heavy, protruding brow. The military haircut was so close to his scalp that his brown hair barely showed. His hard jaw clenched as he looked down at her in annoyance. His suit, by the threading, had to be expensive, and his laptop bag wasn’t something you got at a mall. Definitely high-end leather. This wasn’t his normal style, so why the getup?

Sebastian Crenshaw was the number one elite Blade enforcer. Next to the Blade’s Head of House, he was the most powerful man in Blade. The elite enforcer was the Structure’s equivalent to a military general. Since Blade was the military strength of the Structure, this meant that Sebastian was the badass of badasses. Especially when Blade had a hand in every existing military organization.

“Excuse me.” He bowed his head, staring at her with hard eyes.

“Yeah,” Ollie said, moving out of his line of vision. The man made her uneasy for reasons she didn’t want to think about at that moment.

She passed the bathrooms and made her way to where many of the parents with kids gathered. The candy bar, with its multicolored displays and dispensers, couldn’t have stood out much brighter. It was a beacon to kids everywhere, encouraging them to annoy their parents or older siblings. She opened a container that contained chocolate mints and took out a scoopful, spilling it into a small plastic bag. She grabbed a paper bag and began to filling it with lollipops and peppermint sticks. She finished her shopping at the assortment of chocolate nuts.

She took it to the cashier, who weighed it and rang it up. “Nineteen-eighty.”

Before Ollie could reach for her wallet, a twenty-dollar bill came from behind her. And the cashier took it, ringing her up, too impatient to ask if she objected. Ollie glanced at the cuff of the threaded business suit.

The enforcer.

She grabbed her bag of goodies and turned to the man, who was eyeing her suspiciously. “Thank you,” she said before walking past him.

“My men tell me you recognized them.” He frowned. She had already figured those men in the newsstand belonged to him; it was just too much of a coincidence. As was the woman who had just entered the candy store and was looking around; she kept looking over her shoulder at Ollie, giving herself away.

“What do you mean?” Ollie asked innocently as she fumbled through the bag and pulled out a handful of chocolate.

“Who are you?” he demanded, not believing her ploy.

She put a piece of chocolate into her mouth and chewed, watching him, wondering exactly what he wanted to hear from her. Just as she was about to touch the mind of his spy, her phone rang. “Let me put you on pause while I answer this.” She winked at him before answering it.

“It seems you’re in a bind, Fire Eye.” A smooth, deep male voice slid into her ear. Now, this she didn’t need. She continued walking, knowing Sebastian’s eyes were following her.

“Can I help you?” she said very sternly, trying not to give away her disdain.

“Why, oh why would Sebastian and his flunkies be in the same airport as you, I wonder? Maybe someone tipped them off.” He laughed.

That bastard-ass son of a … “Funny. I did as you asked. So why the call?” She narrowed her eyes.

“That little message you sent me wasn’t cute. I don’t appreciate it one bit. I’ve told you before not to piss me off.” His voice grew icy, and she smiled.

“I didn’t have to do your little task, but out of the kindness-”

“Quit the games. You owed me—”

“Not a damn thing.” She gritted her teeth, clenching her jaw to keep from screaming into the phone.

“You were warned before. No more warnings.” He sounded more than livid.

She smiled again. “Since you gathered the actors all around, I might as well put on a show. Enjoy, dickhead,” she said, hanging up, knowing he was there somewhere. He was such a prick. As soon as she slid the phone into her pocket, she glanced over at the two men in the newspaper stand momentarily. Letting her guard slip, she slid another piece of chocolate into her mouth.

One of the men began to shout at the other. The other pulled out a gun, and screams followed. Sebastian ran over immediately to break it up before it got out of hand. They passed a caravan of business types, who immediately gave their attention to the conflict, causing even more chaos as the professionals began to shout.

Slipping her defenses back on, she licked her fingers clean of chocolate as she continued walking, not the least bit concerned about the commotion. When Ollie got back to her brother, she sat next to him and popped a chocolate-covered almond in his mouth. He chewed without a word as he turned the page in his book.

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