Children of Sun – Excerpt 5

Excerpt from book one of Oracle’s Legacy

The Oracle sat in the living room, breathing in the smell of tobacco as her children all talked and looked at her with worry. Pain was stronger in the air than the burning leaf. They wanted her to stay. But there was no wishing away the inevitable.

Death was the inevitable. She smiled to herself. Death was as certain as the daughter sleeping one floor above her. Even the most powerful of beings could not control it. Not like they wanted.

She thought of her family, the Structure. They knew no fear, because fear had yet to raise its head. Seeing it coming over the horizon, her toes curled in anticipation. The fear was as real and raw as knowing you could do nothing about it. The world will see the truth, and then what, my children? Will you turn and run, or will you face it this time?

No one could control the unknown.

She chuckled as Bones looked over at her and smiled. Even he couldn’t see everything that sat before him. The secret slowly coming to light. And she couldn’t wait until they saw, they truly saw that death was coming.

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