What? Did it just sprout legs and walk… in?

Taking a break from my usually scheduled programming, I’ll illustrate how the new story I’m writing ran away from me…

I was typing. Building this world, crafting it with my soul. I showed the characters where they should go, what part they played. They understood, willing puppets eager to please their master.

Then he walked in. Tall, arrogant, and that knowing smile… He could charm almost anyone, and yet he liked a challenge. And that challenge? Me.

“You don’t belong here.” I told him. But did he listen? No, instead he sought to prove me wrong. He walked across the room, a swagger that made me want to stand and yell “Get out!” But instead I watched. I waited. I am an author. I must be open minded. But I don’t like intruders. I hate to be interrupted from my work. My world has been molded by me and yet this stranger…

“I am also your creation,” He says, reading my mind.

“No… Yes, but you weren’t in the original plan.”

“Plans change. And it’s time to change yours.”

“What?” I shouted, standing to my feet. “Have you lost your mind? I will erase you!” He doesn’t get to decide what story he can be in. I decide for him. This is my world.

He shook his head, a chuckle vibrating his chest. Yet, there he stood, confident. “What happened to open mindedness?”

Was he challenging me? If I yield to his taunts, he wins. But if I ignore him, and stick to the outline, I could miss a potential opportunity. Fine, I’d give it a whirl.

I saved my story, then made a copy of the file and began making changes as he pointed to each place he should be.

After making the changes, I drop my head.

“What do you think?” He asks, but he already knew.

There was nothing I could say. No words came to me. So I just laughed, because he fits. Perfectly.


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