Shadows of Fate – Excerpt 2

Excerpt from book 2 of Oracle’s Legacy

Rocky Mountains

The kid ate the whole meal without pause. How did someone so small pack away a burger that size, plus fries? He even had the nerve to lick his fingers.

“Was it good?” Loc cocked an eyebrow, still not believing it.

Deeee-licious.” The kid gave a cheeky grin before patting his flat belly. Where did all that food go to? “So tell me about yourself Mister.”

“Call me Loc.”

“I’m Bones.” His wide eyes looked over Loc’s size. “When were you born, Mr. Loc?”

“Long ago.”

“I can see that, I was just hoping you could tell me the exact date.”

“Don’t know.”

“But aren’t you from the Inca civilization? That means you were born between…”


“Bones.” His eyes deadened with a flat expression. Creepy.

“Stop reading me.”

“I’m not. Your energy is feeding me the information, I’m just receiving it,” the boy said, amused.

A nasty discomfort crawled over Loc for the first time in hundreds of years. This kid was definitely powerful, if he could sense energy that Loc was keeping bottled tight.

“Hey, little man,” the waitress swished over to the table with her crooked smile and pretty waist. “You polished off that burger real nice. Would you like dessert?” She winked at Loc. He quickly slid his eyes down to her ass.

“Yes, an apple pie, please.”

“You got it.” The woman sauntered off, twisting to show off her hips. Loc grinned. She didn’t need to showcase them because he had already noticed each curve.

“I’ll be back.” Loc got up from the table, as his gaze moved to the little boy who rolled his eyes. For some reason, that sucked the joy right out of going after the waitress. “Never mind.” He retook his seat.

“I’m not stopping you.”

“You see too much.”

“You’ve done it with people watching before.”

Loc opened his mouth only to close it. This kid was too much. “How old are you?”


“And how do you know about such things…like what…you know…” he nodded toward the waitress.

“I read a lot of books. And when you have a three hundred sixty degree field of x-ray vision, you learn not to be shocked by what you see.” He shrugged. “My new powers make it worse. Like those two men behind you. By consuming their energy, I can tell you when they will die. Unfortunately, it is going to be in a few minutes.”

Loc stiffened. “What? Consume? You actually eat energy?”

“Yep. And by consuming your energy, I can tell you got enough to level a city if used wrong.”

The waitress came back with Bones’ pie. He picked up his fork and began to eat.

“I can’t feel you consuming my energy,” Loc said.

“Because I’m only consuming the energy you naturally throw off. Just like everyone does. You won’t miss it.”

Loc’s eyes adjusted to see the flow of energy around him. And sure enough, every flow of energy coming from him and from those around him was being drawn into the kid like a steady stream. This was the power of the Void.

He visually scanned the restaurant, feeling the energy in the area spike. Others had just arrived. Their energy was dark, and they were shielding themselves from him. Too bad they had no idea who or what he was.

“Those two are about to die, huh?” He got up from the table and grabbed the kid by the collar of his preppy shirt, lifting him like a small paper bag.

“Hey! I didn’t finish my pie. I’m hypoglycemic remember?” Bones reached for the plate just as bullets broke through the restaurant windows.

“You still want it?” Loc asked holding him out to it, as glass shattered around them.

No,” Bones squeaked, drawing in his thin brown arms.

Loc threw the kid over his shoulder like a towel, heading out the back of the restaurant.

“Cool. The bullets are bouncing off you.”

Cool? Those were his natural Pillar defenses. He didn’t even have to think about it. But with this kid who could draw energy into him, his natural defenses might weaken.

“Are you consuming any of my energy?” Loc asked on edge, trotting through the kitchen and out the back door with the tickle of bullets on his back.

“No, I’m not crazy.”

“Good, hold on.”

Transferring his energy to his feet, Loc jumped into the air, high above the trees and the mountains. Bones gasped.

Loc smiled. So the kid didn’t see everything.

As he began to descend, he shifted the kid to piggy back position. “Hold on tight,” he told him as his feet touched the ground, gouging a crater with the pressure of his energy. Trees swayed around him.

“Whoa, you are sooooo awesome!” Bones wrapped his arms around Loc’s neck, tight.

Loc laughed as his legs energized. He took off through the trees in a dead run, picking up speed until everything around him blurred. He had to get this kid to safety as fast as possible. But finding Creed would be difficult. And dodging Moon would be even more so.

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