Shadows of Fate – Excerpt 5

Excerpt from book 2 of Oracle’s Legacy

warning: the following contains strong language.

The Order of the Oracle Training Facility, Switzerland

He squatted quietly on the floor close to the wall in the medical lab, arms resting on bent knees, balancing perfectly on the balls of his feet, admiring the body that lay on the examination table, covered with a crisp, white sheet. The healing process was taking far too long to please him. He wanted her in fighting shape. And still she wasn’t ready.

His skin crawled with the need to destroy the monsters in his mind, and she was the only one capable of doing it. She was the one who could destroy it all. And he was going to make sure she did. His thoughts screamed with impatience, as his muscles tensed. He pulled a knife from his hip holster. Pain was a way to make a person react in unusual ways.

His chest rose and fell with silent laughter as he glanced down at the cold steel. Good, good. Just one jab, and she’ll wake off that bed in so much pain she’d come back to this world, and to you.

About to stand, his skin twitched, hairs standing on end. The air had changed, but why? The girl hadn’t returned. The sheet covering the sleeping body lifted with a startling, painful pull of air. His heart jump-started. Was she finally awake?

A melodious sound of sheer pain vibrated against the walls. Her body fell back on the table hard as she coughed, cringed, and groaned, trying to still herself.

Don’t fight it.

But that is what she does. She fights. And he was going to enjoy breaking that fight.

Her curly head jolted up. Did she remember? It took everything in him not to laugh and cheer. Did she remember him and their last beautiful moments together? As she blinked, looking around wildly, he noticed her sight still hadn’t returned. Her eyes weren’t that same glowing green in the left and engulfing flame in the right. She appeared too normal, even with one green and one amber eye.

Good, good. You could use that to your advantage. As long as she is weaker than you, you can bend her and mold her.

But first, he had to break her.

As she waved her hand in front of her face, he wondered if she knew about her condition.

“Hello?” she finally called with a throat full of gravel. “Hey!” she shouted, her hands feeling about the steel platform she was lying on. She was exploring her surrounding even though she was vulnerable. Such a lack of fear.

Good girl. He thought to himself. Show me how strong you are, so I know how much of you I need to break. I need to destroy all that strength. Show me more.

Clasping the sheet that had covered her, she slowly sat up and wrapped it around her long, sleek body. He tilted his head in admiration at the way she tested the area around her that she couldn’t see. Cautiously, she lowered her legs to the floor and grimaced.

“It couldn’t have hurt you to put carpet in this cold bastard,” she said as if to him. Did she know he was there? Of course not, or she would be livid.

She steadied her body to stand fully on her legs, and he smiled to himself, knowing her legs weren’t going to be of much help. Not after lying there so long. And sure enough, as soon as she was on her feet, she began to fall backward, reaching out desperately, grabbing for anything. He held the laughter to himself as her ass hit the tiled floor with a bam.

“Will someone please, please have the courtesy to tell me where the hell I am?” She sounded too reasonable, but he knew she was frustrated. He could taste it on the air. And he was loving its sweet flavor.

With closed eyes, the caramel-skinned beauty began to crawl around the room. She still wasn’t giving up. Hmmm. With splayed fingers, her hands searched the walls, looking for something, an exit maybe. You’re here to stay. There is no other place where you belong other than here with me.

He had claimed her by right. He made sure she was brought back, and he was the one to make sure she was healed, so she belonged to him. All of her.

She continued to feel along the walls, until she found a table and then the surgical tools. Well, now wasn’t this getting interesting? She grabbed a scalpel from the table. Always prepared, right?

She was whetting his appetite something fierce. It was all he could do to keep from moving, from giving away his presence. And then she began to inch closer to him…closer…ever so close, until she paused right next to him. Her closeness tickled against his skin as fear laced the air. And it tasted more decadent than any sin he’d devoured.

With so much apprehension, even his gut clenched as she slowly reached out to him. She knew he was there, and yet she had no idea. His lips curled into a smile of anticipation. Her fingers touched his arm, trailing over it lightly until the fear spiked to an orgasmic high. She jerked back, and he couldn’t help but let his amusement erupt from his chest.

“Did you enjoy the show, you sadistic asshole?” She spit fire as her grip tightened on her newfound weapon.

Oh, how he enjoyed it. “Sharp as ever,” He said moving closer, making sure she didn’t escape.

“Where am I?” She asked. She scooted back, knowing his closeness. It thrilled him for her to be so aware of him. But it was time for her to be aware of some other things as well. Like her unavoidable situation.

“Aren’t you going to ask why you can’t see?”

“Shit.” Her curse was soft, but stung with spite.

He reached out and touched the soft skin of her cheek, then jumped back when she tried her hardest to stab him with that scalpel.

Can’t have that. He laughed, sliding the weapon from her grip. “I see your fight has returned. Goodie.” The harder she fought, the more he would enjoy stripping her of her pride.

“What did you do to me?” Her voice was pure acid.

He moved around her on his hands and knees, inhaling her antiseptic scent. He closed in by her ear, wanting to taste it. “I had the pleasure of killing you and watching you die.” She jerked back from him, hitting her head on the wall. He laughed so hard his stomach began to knot. “This is too much fun.”

“I’ll kill you.”

“You’ll try.” And he would enjoy every attempt. Just being close to her malice aroused him. Grabbing her arms, he stood, taking her with him. He could sense a struggle rising in her, so he slammed her into the wall, making sure she understood her position: submission.

Let me go!” she squirmed.

His gaze caressed her body, thrashing about earnestly for freedom. This was perfect. “You belong to me, now, to do with as I wish.” She clumsily kicked her stiff legs. “If you calm down, I might humor you and tell you about your funeral.”

The fiery woman cooled instantly. “My what?”

His attention shifted to her thick, ripe lips, and he drew closer.

“How long…?” she finally asked.

“You were dead for four days.”

She turned her head away from him. If he didn’t have her body caged, she would be across the room by now, trying to get away from him. He wanted her to fight, but then, he wanted her to give in, make it easy, so he could enjoy that, too.

“My family?”

Why the hell did she bring them up? “They’ll be fine. It takes a while for people to cope with death.”

The fire returned in an explosion that gripped his groin. “Shit! You lousy muthafucker, let me go!

He tightened his grip to make sure his sexy weapon didn’t escape as she fought. “No.” He followed that tasty-looking ear. “You belong to me. Who do you think dug your sorry ass up? And as far as your family is concerned, they’re safe as long as they know you’re dead.” And as long as they stayed away from what was his.

Mine. You belong to me.

“What are you going to do with me?” She calmed down, as if resigned to the fact.

Shit, this was no fun. She should have fought harder. Especially knowing how important her family was to her. What was she up to?

Good, good. If she wants to know what you are going to do with her, then humor her.

“I’m going to make you perfect. When I get through with you, you’ll be so obedient that all I’ll need to do is pull your strings. My own weapon of death.”

He stepped back, releasing her, and smiled as she slid to the floor. He could smell her hate, like boiling sewage. It was refreshing. She might be subdued for now, but she would fight. And he would adore ripping that will of hers to shreds and then burning anything that was left. He got goosebumps just thinking about it.

Though he cherished her fight, worshipped it, he couldn’t use it for what he desired. He needed her to be obsessed with him in every way that mattered. That was the only way he could use her.

Good, good. And to do so, you will have to make her hate you, completely. Submerge her in a hate so deep she won’t think of anything else but you.

Right. A hate so deep her family would be nothing more than a memory. A hate so deep and desperate it would transform and bloom into the most volatile of loves.

Yes, that is what he needed from her.

Love…so meaningless.

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