Oracle’s Legacy: Shadows of Fate (Book 2)

Finalizing the week for Shadows of Fate: Reviews. And prepare, I’m giving previews of book 3 next week (and I must add Dawn of Illumination is my favorite of the 3).

The Oracle is dying. The position as leader of the Structure is open for the taking. Powerful Pillars and ambitious objectives see the chance to take over and have started drawing the lines of battle for war. Augustus Granger, the man everyone fears will be the next Oracle, is being hunted. Though he never wanted the position, secrets of the past and a revelation of the future might force him to accept his fate. However, he must first help find a young eight-year-old boy who ran away from home and who is essential to saving the Structure from collapse. Moon, the shadows of the Structure, have one agenda: Destruction of the Structure at all costs. At their core lies Demon’s Wrath, who has a weapon he can’t wait to unleash upon the world.


Volume II is just as fast paced and action packed as the first!

“The action is often unexpected and enthralling. Holbrook weaves an intense tale of power, secrecy and fate. The world is vivid and entertaining but the characters are the main power here. Each and every one of them from the frail yet powerful Bones to his brilliant brother Ellis and stubborn and stern Ollie are wonderfully created.”

—James Evans Remick Read full review


Shadows of Fate – Volume II

“Holbrook continues to deliver even more non-stop action and further insight into the characters, book one introduced us to. Her books get better with each volume. In fact, when you get to the end the only negative you can think of is, ‘What?!? I have to wait for the final volume!’…If you love a story that gives you everything, love, romance, murder, mayhem, corruption, deception,….. then you will be hooked on these books. If you love comic books, the words in these books will come to life before your eyes. 4.5 out of 5 energy spikes.”

CC Chronicles Read full review

Second in Trilogy Tragic and Thrilling!

“Science Fiction? Yes but once you enter the Structure you will become spellbound, flinching when beams of energy are used, waiting breathlessly while buildings crash down, trees are uprooted and thrown as spears, walls are destroyed and one member of the Structure strikes down another and another! For imaginative genius, I’ve not read anything like Oracle’s Legacy: Shadows of Fate by R. B. Holbrook!”

G.A. Bixler Read full review

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