Dawn of Illumination – Excerpt 1

So I’m coming to the finish of the trilogy with the third and final book: Dawn of Illumination. Enjoy this week of excerpts! For those who’ve read the first and second, you get a treat, for those who haven’t you’re coming in at the end of an awesome story, so you might wanna catch up!

Excerpt from book 3 of Oracle’s Legacy

warning: the following contains strong language.

Crouched in the dark hallway, the shadows covered as she waited for her prey. That prey was three halls over, scurrying in her direction. His buddy, now dead at her feet, alerted the area through his headset. So his fool partner was now turning corners, slipping in and out of shadows, cautious of being seen. If he was smart he would stop and wait for the other guards entering the floor from an access elevator on the other side of the building.

Energy was her eyes. It showed her the guards carried weapons that weren’t powerful enough to mean much. The fool running came closer and too fast to stop. She let her long legs unfold and stretch out before her as he rounded the corner. His feet dug into her calf muscle, before he lunged head-long into the concrete floor. Poor thing dropped his gun. Must be a newbie. Before he could scramble to his feet, she pushed her hand toward his head and grabbed hold of his energy. With one swift motion, she tore energy from him, forcing his body to shut down systematically, starting with his nervous system. As he seized to death, she waited. The others were barreling through the hallways.

“Not bad,” the peanut gallery said above her head, “But accuracy would be better. You still interfere too much with the surrounding energy.”

Ollie pointed her middle finger to the asshole lying in wait on the pipelines over her head. Creed had been like a back seat driver during the two days since they had left Sanctuary. Every Moon compound or safe house that they raided and cleaned out had been primarily her work. He did nothing but criticize. Never lifting a finger or hair or giving a hint. She forced him to come with her to keep her family from falling for his schemes. Now she wondered if she should just kill him and rid the world of his uselessness.

This would be a perfect time to dispose of him since his foresight was failing him. Without it, what good was he? And he blamed her for it each time. She still didn’t understand that.

Focusing, she took in a deep breath and blew out a steady stream of air.

“Do that trick you did yesterday. That was interesting,” he said, as if bored.

“Sorry the request hot-line is closed. Please call back next to never or maybe at a time I give a damn. Or hell, just do us both a favor and go sit in the car.”

“You know I don’t do chairs,” he said as if pouting.

“Really? Cause I was just thinking of strapping you to an electric one. Now, shut your yap or I swear when I’m done here I’m taking up cross-stitching and sewing your lips shut.”

“As long as it’s a nice design. I like black teddy bears.”

“I told you I don’t do requests,” She said then moaned.

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